Hearthstone art is horribly sexist – and apparently hardly anyone notices?


Polygon is the go-to fall guy for people moaning about SJWs, thought police and feminist ruining things. Yet this is a quote from that site about Blizzard’s CCG, Hearthstone:

The game is designed to minimize harassing behavior through its chat interface, and there is no content that’s offensive to younger players. It’s a game that’s welcoming and fun for nearly every age group, at every level of ability, regardless of gender.

No content that is offensive to younger players? Regardless of gender? Well, I found one person on the internet who took offense. I’m puzzled that there aren’t more. Here is the art for the two (two out nine) female heroes:

As pointed out by wundergeek, Jaina…

… looks like she’s casting a boob-enlargement spell, only it’s backfired and they’re about to explode out of her top. Literally.

I love the game as Ben Kuchera of Polygon also clearly does. I wonder why it should get a free pass, though?

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