I greet you


Do you greet your opponent in Hearthstone?

As I have climbed the ranks it’s hard not to notice that people who do are fast becoming few and far between. Me, I used to start every matchup with a Greetings and end all with “Well played”. But I get why many players opt out. It’s kinda ritualistic, unpersonal and pointless. And so I too have stopped spamming the button. Still, I have found an occasional use for the greeting.

Get on a bus and observe the driver. Does he or she wave enthusiastically at everybody else on the road? No. Does (s)he tip heris cap at lorry drivers? Nope. They greet their own and only their own and only by the very smallest of gestures. They raise and an index finger slightly from the wheel and nod almost imperceptibly.

I think this is a good fit for Hearthstone. My paladin enjoins other paladins with a hearty “Well met!” and has nothing but silence for shaman (shamen? shemen? shamanni?) whereas it feels entirely in its place for Thrall to call his mirror image “Friend” (I don’t actually know any WoW lore so please feel free to correct me here) Sometime I get an answer, oftentimes I don’t.

Is this a thing? Probably not. I wish it were, though.

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