So I killed a man because his punctuation was bad. Like really bad. Terrible, in fact.


Anybody who has played Moirai has their own story. If you have played it you will know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, stop reading and do it now.

I wish I had a screenshot of the explanation I encountered on my way in to the cave but how was I to know it was a unique, one-time experience? It was rambling and without structure. Something something found a girl, asked me something something. And I thought to myself: I don’t trust you. Something about that mess of sentences lacking in commas, colons, and full-stops just made me… not trust him. So I stabbed him. I guess that tells you something about me but I would rather not think about it too hard.

If it’s any consolation my character met the same fate for his inappropriately coy response: “Ah that… Yes, well, you see…”

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