Go Home. Go, go, go, go, go!


I guess I wasn’t the only only who, upon finishing Gone Home, mentally assembled the search query Gone Home speedrun.

(My call: One the plus side, excellent story, excellent presentation, on the minus side, tends to keep cramming clues down your throat when you’ve already gotten it several clues ago, also ending… unsatisfactory… to use a spoiler free term, SPOILER-filled ending here)

P.S. Also check out the (SPOILER alert)  shortened, fanmade version of the game presented by TheTrueHaddock in just 14 seconds. Funny cause it’s true, etc.

Super Meat Boy is a drill sergeant who screams in your face while you whimper “It’s too hard”


The terrible keyboard controls of Super Meat Boy originally put me off the game. I got three levels in and quit in disgust. I say disgust rather than annoyance because the developers point out to you on every startup of the game that they didn’t care jack shit about keyboard gamers. Use a controller, they tell you, or fuck off. Which infuriated me not because I took offense but because they made their own failing at creating decent controls somehow your fault.

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