Frozen Synapse multiplayer


I’m only about halfway through the Frozen Synapse singleplayer campaign despite having played it on my android tablet for every single commute since the end of the summer holiday. That thing is loooong. There is however an end in sight and with few decent tablet gaming alternatives, I’ve started looking at the multiplayer options. Which is when I made the alarming discovery that rarely have I played a game in which the transfer of knowledge from singleplayer to multiplayer is so slight. In single player the AI seems at best random and it’s unpredictability (and vast numerical superiority) is your true opponent. In multiplayer you enter a world of endless secondguessing, like trying to play ten games of rock paper scissors at once. So far I’ve only won using strict camping tactics.

FTL is like poker…


FTL is like poker. It’s a game of skill but you still spend most of the time praying and hoping for some scraping of good luck. You know you should carefully weigh the odds but fuck it, baby needs a new Ion Blaster.

Go Home. Go, go, go, go, go!


I guess I wasn’t the only only who, upon finishing Gone Home, mentally assembled the search query Gone Home speedrun.

(My call: One the plus side, excellent story, excellent presentation, on the minus side, tends to keep cramming clues down your throat when you’ve already gotten it several clues ago, also ending… unsatisfactory… to use a spoiler free term, SPOILER-filled ending here)

P.S. Also check out the (SPOILER alert)¬† shortened, fanmade version of the game presented by TheTrueHaddock in just 14 seconds. Funny cause it’s true, etc.


Pretzel of Slow Death (Epic)
Damage: 10 Weight: 0.1 Value: 5.95 (Aldi)
Target takes 100 points of salt damage if no water is found within 60 seconds.