We must have played very different version of GW2, because when it played it it’s WvW was among the worst PvP I’ve ever experienced.

Nothing like DAOC at all. The CC was far too weak for a good open world PvP game. You need powerful, AoE CC in a good open world PvP game else the team with numbers almost always wins.

MobileAssaultDuck, comment on an RPS article on Elder Scrolls Online

I sometimes suspect I’m missing out on stuff by adopting the dismissive Yahtzee stance on mumorpugers. But the sheer AI (acronoymic impenetrability) of the comment above, makes me think that regardless of the merits of MMORPGs, it’s not going to be worth the effort required to enter that particular domain of gaming. Yeah, I could google all of it, but then I could also just play games I enjoy.