Should a mummy zombie be referred to as a zummy or a mumby?


I snatched up the three newer expansion packs for CK2 at a Steam sale, very apropos of the last post. Seeing as most everything was 75% off I even paid up for some custom culture portraits which change the appearance of the affected culture’s characters from the default vaguely northwestern European to something more local. Are they any good? Well, they’re different.

A Long Shvitz: One year of Steam gaming


Today my Steam account is one year old. And twenty days. I suck at anniversaries.

On September 9th 2013 I bought Far Cry 3 on Steam for 14,99 euros. Probably at a discount. It would have had to be because I had already completed the game. Don’t ask how. I had encountered a problem, though. Ziggy’s mod for FC3 refused to work properly with my copy and explicitly stated that it wouldn’t do so with non-authorized copies. I really liked Far Cry 3 and the thought of playing it stripped of magical super powers was genuinely thrilling. So I paid up and took the medicine. It was a bitter pill to swallow: Not only did I have to down Valve’s client, I had to take Ubisoft’s Uplay client too as part of the treatment. If you’ve never come across Uplay count yourself lucky. It’s the essence of DRM bullshitware masquerading as a social network. It figuratively made me throw up in my mouth. If I was being cured of my piratical tendencies, the cure felt decidedly worse than the disease.

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